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Suspension of Disbelief is a dark, erotic thriller from internationally acclaimed
director Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas, Internal Affairs).

Martin is a talented screenwriter and novelist currently going through a
difficult patch in his career. Yet after the death of the mysterious and alluring Angelique and
the arrival of her twin sister Therese, Martin’s world starts to change.
He finds himself torn between the similarities in this mystery to the disappearance
of his wife 15 years ago (for which he is still a suspect), his daughter’s insecurities around
her acting career and the intrigue surrounding Therese’s past.
In this noir thriller nothing is quite what it seems.

Written and Directed by Mike Figgis
Produced by Vito Di Rosa, Mike Figgis

Sebastian Koch, Lotte Verbeek, Emilia Fox, Rebecca Night, Eoin Macken, Lachlan Nieboer
with Frances de la Tour, Julian Sands and Kenneth Cranham

Cinematography and Editing: Mike Figgis
Production Designer and Line Producer: Vito Di Rosa
Costume Design: Sandy Powell, Oliver Garcia – Casting Director: Sasha Robertson
Original Score by Mike Figgis – Sound Mixer: Pawel Wdowczak
Executive Producers: Carola Ash, Nimmi Saraf

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A film made to be a part of the opera “Lucrezia Borgia” at the English National Opera in London.
It portraiys some scenes from the early life of Lucrezia Borgia, one of the most
interesting women in Italian history.

Directed by Mike Figgis
Produced by Vito Di Rosa

Lucrezia Borgia, Katy Saunders – Cesare Borgia, Tommaso Ramenghi – Pantesilia, Serena Iansiti
Pedro Calderon, Ben Northover – the Pope, Massimo Vitali

duration 27′ minutes – 16:9 – stereo

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Mike Figgis’ cinematographic adaptation of the dance performance
“Co(te)lette” by Ann Van den Broek.
Women and flesh, beauty and decay, raw and fragile. A delirious desire overwhelms the dancers. A desire for physical and mental satisfaction. The dancers go from appeal to sensuality, over lust, carnal desire, fame, success, reflection and control, to silence.
Slaves of their own desires while trying to control them. Female bodies in a frenzy.
In Co(te)lette, three female dancers are shown in a rather intimate atmosphere, in a chicken-and-egg situation between desire and satisfaction.
There is no confrontation, nor rivalry.
No story-telling, no solution and no ending. Co(te)lette’s story is restless and… empty.

Directed by Mike Figgis – Produced by Vito Di Rosa – Coreographed by Ann Van den Broek
Cast: Judit Ruiz Onandi, Cecilia Moisio, Frauke Marien

available on the UK iTunes Store

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Music Video
Artist: Betoko – Track: Dark Side of my Mind
Directed by Vito Di Rosa – Featuring Maxology

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Music Video
Artist: Alfa Romero – Track: Bank Holiday
Directed by Vito Di Rosa – Featuring Giulio Andreini

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Music Video
Artist: Alfa Romero – Track: Sunday Bonds
Directed by Vito Di Rosa – Featuring Diego Manfreda

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A short film made to draw attention to MS.
Sadly it did not make it to the final stage – for reasons… well, for reasons!!!!

Directed by Mike Figgis
Produced by Vito Di Rosa

Dave, Joseph Beattie – Karen, Holly Weston
Lexi, Leanne Nagle – Trish, Sian Breckin – Markie, Michael Stevenson
Friends, Myles Keogh, Nick Figgis, Roland Manookian
Doctor, Sasha Robertson – Bouncer, Andrew Brooke

duration 18′ minutes – 16:9 – stereo

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ONE & OTHER – a portrait of Trafalgar Square

The film, commissioned by SKY ARTS, documents the public live artwork “One & Other”
by sculptor Antony Gormley, in which 2,400 members of the public occupied, for an hour each
for 100 days, the usually vacant fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, London,
It began at 9 am on Monday 6 July 2009, and ran until 14 October.

Mike Figgis directs this documentary about the plinthers and the square.
It depicts the highs and lows, the best and worst of the One & Other experience.

Directed by Mike Figgis
Produced by Vito Di Rosa

duration 56′ minutes – 16:9 – stereo

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photo and video installation by Massimo Vitali and Mike Figgis
a Vito Di Rosa project for agnès b.

Together, Mike Figgis and Massimo Vitali have created a piece with an intriguing narrative, which explores the relationship between digital cinema and the static image.
The artists were teamed up by Vito Di Rosa, who curated and produced the project
with the financial support of agnès b.
The idea is to combine the elements of Massimo’s detached but epic photographs with Mike’s
interest in personal intimate cinema. An attempt to dig deep into the soft territory
that lies between the fixity of two “stills”. Very often, particularly by looking at any of Massimo’s pictures, one would like to know what was happening before the picture was taken or what
will happen immediately after. Piazza di Spagna’ explores this idea for the first time.

Filmed at the iconic Spanish Steps in Rome in July 2007, the installation comprises four plasma screens with moving images by Figgis, flanked by two large-format photographs by Vitali.
The two photographs show the steps populated by the thousands of tourists who visit every day.
Figgis shows four different female characters as they interact with the environment
around the Spanish Steps. Each of these characters is played by the same actress Katy Saunders.

Photo and Video Installation – Editions 5
Dimensions 655cm (w) x 245cm (h)
2 x C-Prints, diasec on aluminium – 195 (w) x 245cm (h)
1 x Video on four 50″ plasma screens – Duration 17 minutes – stereo – 265cm (w) x 245cm (h)

PHOTO 1 (2679)

PHOTO 2 (2675)

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a documentary by Martina Amati

In 2001 Actor Joseph Fiennes leads a theatre director (David Gothard), musician and two
filmmakers on a journey through the remote Tibetan plateau.
On a bus, travelling at 15.000 feet above sea level, the trip is captured in a road-movie style
documentary. Through encounters and performances the group confronts and engages with the musical and theatrical culture of this amazing Eastern country.

duration 70′ minutes – stereo – DV-CAM 4:3 – 2004
language: English and Chinese (English subtitles)

Directed by Martina Amati
Produced by Vito Di Rosa

Joseph Fiennes, David Gothard, Corrina Silvester, Martina Amati, Vito Di Rosa

Camera: Martina Amati, Vito Di Rosa
Editor: Diarmid Scrimshaw
Original Score by Arlen Figgis – Sound Mixer: Mark Tucker

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